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Fiction Writing

This page is an index page for the other three pages containing examples of my different fiction writing.

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Short Stories

Short stories make up the bulk of my writing and are the writing Iíve had published the most. Here Iíve posted a collection of my short stories, all on different subjects and themes.



Drama and Sketches

My first writing success, when I was a teenager, was writing drama. Here are some of my recent sketches and pieces of drama, plus the sketches Iíve had performed by The treason Show.



Short Stories Published Online

The internet has been very good for me. Here are links to a selection of my short stories available online.




Fiction, short stories and drama still make-up the bulk of my writing, but Iíve always enjoyed writing fiction and Iíve had a lot of success with it. The subjects I write about can be very varied, ranging from dark slice-of-life dramas, through crime and supernatural tales, to stories about the highs and lows of human relationships, and not forgetting humour and irreverent satire Whatever idea catches fire in my mind can go into my fiction writing.