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My Writing Biography

I live in London, England. I have been writing prose and drama since I was a teenager, which I have had published, in various publications, with increasing success, year on year, for the last fifteen years.


I have had stories published in the anthologies, Image Out Write 2012, Eros at Large (Paradise Press), Boys in Bed and Finished by Hand (Both Xcite Books). My essay, More Then Just Making Beds and Emptying Bedpans, was published in the 2010 anthology Nurses on the Run. I have had short stories published in the magazines Chroma, ScotsGay, Creative Week, 'Indie Scene' and Gazebo Magazine; and on the websites Gay Flash Fiction, Velvet Mafia, Thick Jam, 1000 Words and The New Flash. I am also a regular contributor to FS Magazine, a National Men’s Health magazine, Nursing Times and Nursing Standard, Britain’s leading nursing publications, and for the Nursing Standard I have three times been a guest editor. Sketches I’ve written have been performed in the Treason Show, the Brighton based satirical review show.




My Published Fiction :


The Celebrating of Christmas                  Scotsgay

An Afternoon in Stirling                              Scotsgay

The New Flatmate                                    Guyz Magazine   

The Merry-Go-Round                               Indulge     issue #88

The Matchmaking Dogs                           Rainbow.Net Men's Room Section

The Rose Of Stirling                                 Moonlicht Nicht site      

On The Beach                                          OutUK Website   

Out of the Valley                                       Velvet Mafia                   

In The Closet                                            Indulge magazine     issue #91

The Things You See In the Dark              Chroma     Chroma 4

Is It In His Eyes                                        CreamDrops     CreamDrops-13,

Keeping The Faith                                    CreamDrops     CreamDrops-13,

Those Moments                                        Creative Week               

He said to Me                                          The Rainbow Community Writing Project 

Once More with Feeling                           Gay Flash Fiction         

The Pizza Boy Cometh                              Gay Flash Fiction         

Saying Goodbye to Mickey                      The New Flash    

Prince Charming                                      ABCtales magazine      

Boxing Day 1975                                       Gay Flash Fiction          

The Devil to Blame                                  Gay Flash Fiction 

Penance on a Wet Thursday Morning             Author Exchange Blog   

Appetite                                                   Gazebo Magazine         

Jonathan Roven is Lost                           Gay Flash Fiction          

Love & Need                                            GAY FLASH FICTION WORDPRESS     

Waiting for Business                                GAY FLASH FICTION WORDPRESS     

Over in Sixty Seconds or So                    GAY FLASH FICTION WORDPRESS     

I Can Never Say Sorry                             Thick Jam             

In an Unguarded Moment                        1000 Words                    

Queer Boy                                                ImageOut Literary Magazine  

Two In The Bed                                        Boys in Bed (Xcite Books)     

Once More With Feeling                          Eros at Large (Paradise Press)         

Keeping It Fresh                                      Eros at Large (Paradise Press)         

A Weekend with Family                           'Indie Scene' magazine 

A Bestial Appetite                                    The Monster in My Closet