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Non Fiction Writing

Those Pictures Mothers Carry Around With Them.

Memoir: I wrote this during the week between my mother's death and her funeral. It was about a small part of my relationship with her.


Is This The Most Hate-Filled Man in The World?

Article: this was written as a profile of Rev. Fred Phelps but also as a warning. At the time the play The Laramie Project (about the death of the gay student Matthew Sheperd) was due to premier in London and Phelps had threatened to picket the theatre (in the end he was a no-show). This was originally published in WM Magazine, which unfortunately has since folded.


Gay Life Crisis Feature

Article: this was written for FX Magazine, as part of a feature about getting a healthy gay lifestyle. It gives advice about binge drinking and using recreational drugs. It takes the form of two questions/scenarios and the advice following


Riding Bareback

Article: this was the first article I ever had published, in the WM magazine. It is about the rise of Bareback Sex (Gay sex without using condoms) that happened at the beginning of the decade. Unfortunately, again we have seen another, resent raise in HIV infection amongst gay men. The conclusions I drew here were taken from the work I was doing, at the time, for my degree. Not everyone who read it agreed with me.


Sad To Be Gay No More

Opinion Piece: in 2006, The Advocate magazine published an opinion piece,

 I hate being gay. I was shocked and horrified by the self-hatred and homophobia of it, so I wrote this as a reply. The Advocate did not publish it, they never told me why.


I Wish…

Opinion Piece: In 2010 I entered a compotation, run by The Guardian newspaper. It was to write an opinion piece on the theme of “I Wish...” This is my winning entry.


Standing Up To Homophobia

Nursing Standard Editorial, February 2009

One of the editorials I wrote for Nursing Standard, for their LGBT History Month special edition (One of my proudest writing experiences)




Book Reviews

I’m a very avid reader; I’m reading at least two books at anytime, often more. There are books I’ve loved and books I’ve hated (though with most of the ones I hate I’ve never finished, life is so too).


Here’s a selection of reviews of that I’ve enjoyed and recommend:


Arkansas By David Leavitt


Living Upstairs By Joseph Hansen


Minority Report By Philip K Dick


Rag And Bone By Michael Nava


The House of Stairs By Barbara Vine


The Midwich Cuckoos By John Wyndham


And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie


Non-fiction has been very good to me and I’ve had a large number of articles published in several different journals, though Nursing Standard and FS Magazine have been very important to me and much of my non-fiction writing has appeared in their pages.



Articles of mine that have been published on the web

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A Moment After Church

An essay about the moment, as a teenager, when I realised I wasn’t welcomed with open arms by the church I was attending (You can leave comments on this webpage, please do)


Nursing Standard Editorial

This was the first guest editorial I wrote for Nursing Standard (for LGBT History Month), it is a piece I am very proud of.


'The NHS should help obese people change their lifestyles to lose weight – blaming patients is dangerous’

This is an opinion piece I wrote for Nursing Times magazine.


Why are people paid when things go wrong?

Another opinion piece I had published in Nursing Times magazine.


And Then There Was

An article about what I learnt from reading Agatha Christie novels (and it wasn’t how to commit the “perfect” murder)


Do we need the Queen’s Nurse award?

This opinion piece, published in Nursing Times magazine, questioned the value of awarding prizes to individuals, especially with the re-instatement of the Queen’s Nurse Award. At the time it was published it created a lot of controversy.




My Website Reviews for Nursing Standard Magazine

I have written a large number of different website reviews for Nursing Standard magazine, for the webwise section of their review pages. Here are a selection of those published reviews.


Terrence Higgins Trust




International AIDS Society


C3 Collaborating for Health



Nursing Standard Book Reviews.


Regularly I am asked to write book reviews for the Nursing Standard magazine. These are of books of interest to nurses; mostly they are academic works or studies into their chosen field. Here you can find a selection of those reviews (they have a star rating at the end of them, this was a requirement by the magazine).


Heterosexism in Health and Social Care, is our world biased towards heterosexual people


HIV In South Africa, this book is a study of how people in South Africa have reacted towards HIV, it is made-up of different people’s testimonies.


Living Confidently with HIV, a self-help book for people living with HIV


Men in Caring Occupations, what attracts men to work in a female-dominated profession and what is the image of those who do.


Positioning Identities, a study looking at the effects of homophobia on lesbian and gay patients.


Sex in Cyberspace (Men Who Pay For Sex), this is a study into the men who use the internet to find prostitutes.


Sexual Orientation Discrimination, an international perspective, edited by MV Lee Badgett & Jefferson Frank.


The AIDS Pandemic, one man’s perspective on the international AIDS crisis


Understanding Men and Health, “Women get sicker but men die quicker,” this study attempted to look at why men have such a poor relationship with healthcare.


Dying to Be Men – Psychosocial, Environmental, and Biobehavioral Directions in Promoting the Health of Men and Boys, by Will Courtenay


The Impact of Inequality (How to Make Sick Societies Healthier), by Richard G Wilkinson